February 12, 2014

Reasons to Hire a General Contractor

A general contractor is in charge of supervising a construction site and managing all the subcontractors. He is the one who coordinates the entire project from beginning to end. He is also in charge of informing the client of the estimated budget and completion time. There are some people who consider hiring a general contractor as unnecessary and choose to take on the job themselves. That’s because that way they can save a few bucks but there are many reasons why you should hire a general contractor:

·          Building Codes and Inspections: most people don’t know which the building codes of the city are. This is a very important aspect because a general contractor has lots of experience with building codes and they can make sure that the inspection process goes smoothly and that everything is approved.
·         Insurance: a very important thing to have when you are starting a construction project is insurance. A qualified general contractor has insurance which can protect you, your workers, and any third party who happens to be involved in an accident, if an unfortunate event were to occur in the construction site. You might not want to spend more money on a general contractor but it can actually save you a lot of money and trouble! Not having insurance can cost you a few thousand dollars if an accident happens and you are held liable.
·         Saves you time. If you have no experience in the field you might think being your own general contractor
is no big deal because all you have to do is supervise everyone to make sure they are all doing their work. However, being a general contractor is a full time job that requires time, patience, and experience. If you have no previous experience then there’s a chance that you might not even notice when something’s not right. Furthermore, you might not be able to stick to your budget or schedule as well as a professional home builder with experience would. And if you have an actual job and still want to pull off being a general contractor you are going to have to go through many sleepless nights.

In conclusion, don’t try to be your own general contractor. You are not going to have a good time and you might end up with a lousy outcome. Anything related to construction requires a professional builder who has experience and previous knowledge. Given how expensive construction projects are, you should get it right the first time by hiring the right people for the job.